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Wherever you are in North East England there’s business support available for you. Find out what business support is available in your area here.

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The smiles behind the support

If you’ve ever wondered exactly who will help you start  or grow your business in North East England, then meet Team TEDCO! See what lies behind the smiles and why YOU are their focus. Read more…

Starting and growing businesses on solid foundations means everything to us. It works for you too through the support of our experienced and knowledgeable advisors.

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At TEDCO we successfully deliver a range of start-up support programmes. Designed to take ideas and turn them into successful enterprises and business start-ups in the region.

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A key objective of TEDCO’s  is to provide individuals and businesses with the ambition to expand. Along with the advice and necessary tools to scale-up and grow their business.

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Funding a new business is often the most difficult part. Ask us about the ways you can finance your enterprise. We've helped thousands of others to do this over the last ten years.

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Reaching across the region

TEDCO’s mission is simple: to help businesses start, grow and succeed. To achieve this we believe in working with the region’s business community to develop closer ties between enterprises and grow a robust network.

Success Stories

“Mark Johnston was a great support in helping us look at the intricacies of setting up a business in a non-traditional sector.  I consider our work to be specialist crafting and skill-building and Mark was able to guide us in the right direction to help launch on a firm footing.  It has supported a seamless growth strategy to move into retail and workshops in quite a short space of time.”

Alan Teather, Alan Teather Quilting

“Working with my business advisor Jeff Thompson and participating in courses like the Digital Track programme have helped me to identify how we can build on our success and take Ramsey’s Theatre Stars to the next level.”

Jenny Nicol - Ramsey's Theatre Stars

“My business advisor Mark Johnston has been fantastic. From shaping my business plan to creating cashflow forecasts and helping with those little hints and tips that business owners only usually learn over time, he’s been great. It’s also really important to just have that person on the end of the phone who is encouraging and believes in you. His belief in what I was doing just served to give me the confidence I needed when I was questioning myself.”

Jade Richardson-Gage - Engaged Bridal Studio